Welcoming Clubs


We are a sports inclusion movement providing valuable tools and resources for your club.

Community clubs are the backbone of sports in Australia. Every athlete that has been successful at the highest level started at a club and was supported by volunteers. 

Welcome, inclusion and belonging don't happen in the offices of governing bodies. Instead, it happens at the face of community sport.

It is in the hands of our under-resourced and overworked volunteers, who give their unwavering time, passion and commitment to the sport and communities they love.

Welcoming Clubs supports you in doing the work at the place where the magic happens. 

All Welcoming Clubs programs, activities and resources are developed through direct consultation with the community, with people from diverse backgrounds and with community sports volunteers. 

Become a Welcoming Club

Welcoming Clubs is an active network of community clubs that are supported to embrace diversity and build spaces that create a sense of belonging for their members.

WHO we are and what we do

Embracing the Power of Sport for All

Welcoming Clubs started in Brisbane in 2016 as a program to support youth from refugee backgrounds to connect with their local communities through sports participation. This hands-on, grassroots program was wonderfully rewarding but unsustainable. 

The program evolved in response to the community’s needs, and the focus shifted to providing more support for community sports clubs wishing to do the work themselves but feeling ill-equipped. 

Informed by the experiences of young people and their families, the Welcoming Clubs Standard evolved to provide a framework for clubs, codes and organisations to plan and take action for a considered welcome and genuine inclusion. 


Standard and Framework

The Welcoming Clubs Standard is a framework to guide your efforts for greater and more authentic cultural inclusion

Training & Education

Supporting clubs, codes, councils & organisations to ensure their environments are safe, welcoming & inclusive. 

Community Projects

Community-led projects from embedded organisations who know their communities best.

Planning for Diversity & Inclusion

Brisbane based clubs can access support to create an individualise Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Action Plan.

Join Us

* Coming soon * Introduction to Trauma-Informed Sport


2 hours


Up to 10

Most suitable for

Sporting clubs, codes and organisations delivering sport outside of the traditional system (informally)


Sport has enormous power for building strong, cohesive and connected communities, improving well-being, health and happiness. 

It also has the power to heal.

Developed by leading trauma expert Dr Bruce Perry, founder of The Neurosequential Network. This workshop will introduce you to the Neurosequential Model, a developmentally sensitive, neurobiology-informed approach known as ‘trauma-informed’.


Upstander Workshop

Anti-Racism workshop designed for community sports clubs. This workshop will provide the framework, practice and confidence to ensure all club members have the skills to respond to and prevent discrimination and racism. 

Don’t be a bystander- BE AN UPSTANDER


90 minutes


Up to 100 

Suitable for

Sporting clubs, community groups, councils, and governing bodies.


Inclusion Volcano

Designing your club experience

The Upstander Framework

Values-based messaging

Reporting tools


Club toolkit

*Active Inclusion Workshop

Step number one and basic introduction for all learning related to advancing inclusive practice for community sports clubs. Practical tools for your club to take action now. 


2 hours


Up to 25

Suitable for

Sport and recreation clubs, codes, councils and organisations that deliver events, activities and programs for the community.


Inclusion Volcano

Designing your club experience

Values-based messaging


Club Toolkit