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Welcoming Clubs provides, evidence based, relevant and practical learning opportunities to support any organisation delivering, supporting or funding sport and recreation activities.

Utilising years of experience delivering programs and working with community sports clubs, we draw on the lived experience of those fortunate to have been included in sport, and more importantly the experiences of those that have been excluded. 

We share their insights to facilitate important conversations, build understanding and empower individuals to act.

Workshops are fun, encourage active involvement, reflection, and equip attendees with practical tools to authentically apply knowledge.


Active Inclusion

Our foundational workshop is an interactive session designed to empower participants with a deeper understanding of their personal experiences and how they can positively impact the experience of others.

Participants will learn practical steps that can be readily applied to actively welcome and include all community members in the club, ensuring it is reflective of the broader community and cultivates a strong sense of belonging for all.

Inclusive Coaching for All Abilities

Enables coaches to adapt their approach to cater to individuals of all abilities, creating an environment of empowerment and growth. 

This human-centred approach builds understanding and knowledge while providing practical skills and resources that can be easily implemented by all coaches and clubs.

Upstander Training for Community Sports Clubs #anti-racism

Being an Upstander goes beyond being a bystander.

Equipping clubs to prevent and address discrimination and racism, fostering a safe and respectful sporting community. 

All workshop attendees will walk away knowing they can 'be someone who does something' and that their club has systems in place to support action. #antiracism

A Practical Session on How Sport Can Heal

In partnership with the Centre for Healing and Justice Through Sport this training empowers coaches to embrace a trauma- informed, brain & human-centered approach to coaching & working with young people that can promote brain healing.

This interactive, activity based session will ‘blow your mind’ & demonstrate how sport can have both a physiological & psychological healing effect.

Participants will experience activities & games that can be implemented easily into every coaching session.

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Tailor made training for your group

Whether you prefer the convenience of online, in-person training, or a combination of both, Welcoming Clubs can develop a learning session based on your learning preferences and goals.

We are not just about sharing info; we are about making it stick. Sessions are designed to be interactive so participants can dive in, experience things and walk away with skills you can actually use.

Specially developed measurement tools build understanding of the intended audience so content can be tailored to get the best out of everyone.

Planning for a Targeted Inclusion Program


This workshop is intended for national and state-level governing bodies, councils, associations, and clubs.

The workshop will take participants through key considerations to ensure that targeted inclusion programs are mutually beneficial, that the target group is actively involved in decisions that affect their participation, and that the environments created are culturally safe.

About Welcoming

Welcoming Australia exists to cultivate a culture of welcome and create a future where people of all backgrounds have equal opportunity to belong contribute and thrive. 

Welcoming Clubs is an initiative of Welcoming Australia, proudly supported by the Scanlon Foundation. 

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Our work is conducted on the stolen lands and waters of First Nations representing hundreds of clans and language groups. We acknowledge that our lives have benefitted from theft and dispossession and that we have a responsibility to support the efforts of Indigenous peoples as they work towards self-determination, sovereignty and land back. We pay our respects to Elders past and present. 

Always was, always will be Aboriginal Land.