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Welcoming Clubs provides measurement tools for sporting codes, clubs, councils and organisations funding, supporting or delivering sport. These tools help build an understanding of your audience, their existing practice and readiness for diversity and inclusion programs or projects.

These insights support informed decision-making and planning for successful inclusion efforts. 

Measure Attitudes and Readiness

What are the attitudes towards diversity and inclusion from those expected to inspire inclusion in others? 

Millions of dollars are spent every year on diversity, equity and inclusion projects and activities in sport. But like ‘come and try days’, there is limited evidence on the success and effectiveness of short-term targeted programs or how they transfer to ongoing sustained participation in community sport. 

Internal: for governing bodies, councils, associations and clubs. This tool provides a brief report on the attitudes of staff and their readiness to authentically drive inclusion programs or activities. In particular in helps understand the likelihood that they will inspire inclusion in others. 

External: It is crucial that organisations responsible for delivering inclusion programs understand their audience. This external measurement tool determines the readiness of the broader club community and their attitudes to inclusion programs or activities. 

Both reports can be used to tailor Active Inclusion workshops that are relevant to each audience and sets councils, governing bodies and clubs on the best path for implementing programs that meet community needs. 

Benchmarking Tool-
Measure & Monitor Inclusive Practice

Designed to measure inclusive practices, this tool offers a ‘benchmark’ or starting score and level for your club. 

The benchmarking tool measures practice against the Welcoming Clubs Standard. 

Clubs respond to 20 criteria and gain a score in less than 10 minutes. 

The tool and resulting score assist clubs to craft an Inclusion Action Plan and monitor progress.

There are 6 categories with 20 statements, each requiring a response.

Each statement is allocated points based on the difficulty to implement.

At the end you will be provided with a level, specifying your starting point and information on the next steps. 

Inclusion Action Planning

Using the score and level determined through the benchmarking process, clubs can create an individualised Inclusion Action Plan suited to the resources and needs of the club community. 

Clubs can access policy and survey templates, resources and case studies to support the implementation of their plan. 

An Inclusion Action Plan serves as a roadmap for your club to achieve specific goals by breaking them down into manageable tasks with specified responsibilities and timeframes. It can promote efficient communication and ensure everyone is on the same page. 

The Action Plan is directly aligned with the categories in the standard. 

About Welcoming

Welcoming Australia exists to cultivate a culture of welcome and create a future where people of all backgrounds have equal opportunity to belong contribute and thrive. 

Welcoming Clubs is an initiative of Welcoming Australia, proudly supported by the Scanlon Foundation. 

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Our work is conducted on the stolen lands and waters of First Nations representing hundreds of clans and language groups. We acknowledge that our lives have benefitted from theft and dispossession and that we have a responsibility to support the efforts of Indigenous peoples as they work towards self-determination, sovereignty and land back. We pay our respects to Elders past and present. 

Always was, always will be Aboriginal Land.