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The Standard

The Welcoming Clubs Standard is a comprehensive framework aimed at supporting clubs and organisations to foster inclusivity and implement positive change in their communities. This standard not only measures inclusive practices but also provides a roadmap for designing and executing an action plan while tracking progress over time. 

Unlike a tick and flick activity, The Welcoming Clubs Standard serves as a structured guide for meaningful action, tailored to meet the unique needs of each community and the resources of individual clubs. 

The Welcoming Clubs Standard is made up of:

6 Categories: These form the building blocks of the standard, covering various aspects critical for fostering an inclusive environment.

20 Criteria: Within each category, we have identified key criteria that clubs can use to frame their inclusivity eorts.

26 Indicators: Supporting the criteria are specific indicators that oer practical measures to gauge progress and success.

The Welcoming Clubs Standard


Welcoming Clubs progress diversity and inclusion in sport and recreation by cultivating a culture of welcome, fairness, equity and inclusion. This is supported with management and systems that encourage participation for all members of the community. Welcoming Clubs share success and are demonstrated leaders in the sports sector.

Community Engagement

Welcoming Clubs believe that diversity is a strength and are committed to engaging people from all backgrounds as members and supporters of the club, including proactive engagement with marginalised or underrepresented groups.

Recruitment & Retention

Welcoming Clubs know their local community and seek to engage people from all backgrounds in club activities.

Social & Cultural Inclusion

Welcoming Clubs reflect the wider community and are a place where all members can fully express their identity and gain a sense of belonging.

Places & Spaces

Welcoming Clubs provide facilities and spaces that are physically, socially and emotionally safe, that encourage social connection and a sense of belonging.

Money Matters

Welcoming Clubs recognise that the main barrier to participation in sports and physical activity is cost and sustainable membership requires a flexible model that creates varied options for involvement.


About Welcoming

Welcoming Australia exists to cultivate a culture of welcome and create a future where people of all backgrounds have equal opportunity to belong contribute and thrive. 

Welcoming Clubs is an initiative of Welcoming Australia, proudly supported by the Scanlon Foundation. 

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Our work is conducted on the stolen lands and waters of First Nations representing hundreds of clans and language groups. We acknowledge that our lives have benefitted from theft and dispossession and that we have a responsibility to support the efforts of Indigenous peoples as they work towards self-determination, sovereignty and land back. We pay our respects to Elders past and present. 

Always was, always will be Aboriginal Land.